Reading Clubs

Our weekly reading club meetings holds in the public primary schools and the communities we serve. Part of our mission at DCF is to engage the children in activities that will improve their abilities academically and socially. We focus on providing reading materials that inspire excellence, leadership and increase their literacy abilities. Our initiative has resulted in a marked improvement in the interest of children towards reading and has improved their ability to express themselves.

Sponsorship Programmes

Our Sponsor A Child program assists children whose parents lack the financial backbone to support their schooling. Before our intervention, these children were unable to access desired and quality education which hindered their learning processes.
Over the past year, DCF has provided sponsorship inform of educational aid and welfare to over 50 children. Needless to say, the children being sponsored have improved dramatically in their academic performance and their outlook to life has been impacted.

Back to School Initiatives

Basic educational tools, school uniforms, shoes, bags etc are provided to children with financial needs by the Foundation. The initiative has also helped in bringing out – of - school children back to school by covering tuition fees, and needs. This has helped to motivate over 5000 children go back to school, as well as boost their confidence, and participation in school activities.

Training Programs for Teachers

Workshops and trainings sessions are organized for teachers to bring them up –to- date on 21st century teaching methods. Teaching skills, updated regularly are the biggest influencer to what and how children can learn and sharpen their skills.
In the past year, over 70 teachers have been trained in DCF workshops. These workshops includes Numeracy made easy, 21st century teaching methods, phonics, understanding your learner, managing diversity in your classroom.

After School and Summer Tutoring Programs

Extra tutoring programmes are available after school as well as during the summer to help children from low – income backgrounds that are lagging behind academically. Child labourers, street children and drop – outs have specially benefitted from this program.
Teachers and volunteers engage these children in academic exercises to effectively improve academic performance, reduce child labour, and child abuse. Furthermore, this program not only helps children academically, but also emotionally by giving them more individual attention thereby, making them feel loved, wanted and significant.

School Building

School rebuilding is a project we took on from 2015 where we refurbish public primary schools with dilapidated structures. Dolly Children Foundation move into these out - dated facilities to upgrade and equip them with the necessary educational materials and infrastructures.
Thus far, a block of four classes, a staff office, library and store have been built from scratch. The project estimates to provide a healthy learning environment for over 500 children by the end of 2018.